Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello again doctor!

Another day another doctors visit. At least that is what it seems like lately. My pedi must love us, I think I've single handedly paid his mortgage this month. We visited 4 times in a month. Yes 4 times! We had Eddie's check up, then we visited for a checkup of Bella's feet. Recently I've noticed she has been walking a little pigeon toed and both her ankles roll inwards. The side of her foot actually hit the floor in canvass shoes. She's also been complaining of leg pain. At first I thought maybe I was over exaggerating since I spend so much time staring at baby Eddie's feet. Unfortunately I was right. Her feet or ankles are rolling in so we had to go get her some "good" shoes (we choose a pair of adorable Keen's since they can be worn as sneakers or sandals) also they decided in a few months they'll check her again and probably refer her to Shriners. So..... Shriners did ya miss us? At least we know how to get there.

That was last week, a few days later while we were packing and the baby started fussing so I grabbed him and while holding him noticed he was stinky. Then the craziness began. Both baby Eddie and I were covered in poop! YUCK! When I went to change him I noticed this huge welt on his thigh. It was a big white diamond shape and red all around it. I freaked out and called the doctor. Their guess was a latex reaction.
The next day we noticed it was almost secreting something. Like a sore. I've never seen an allergic reaction like that so back to the doctors we went. Surprisingly this new sore like reaction only confirmed a latex reaction. So I've spent the past couple of days researching latex and racking my brain trying to figure out how he came in contact with it. Finally today I think I figured it out. All this duct tape while packing is all latex adhesive. I could have easily ripped a piece then touched him or even airborne. My poor kiddo.

Good thing is this gross cold is slowly making its way out of this house. I'm thinking once the sun comes out this weekend we'll all feel much better. I'm thinking a giant pancake breakfast is in order! I can't wait!

On a side note, I just want to thank the amazing support group we've had. Everyone from family to friends to even friends of family and friends. I feel like we are lucky beyond words and are so grateful for everything you have all done! I was looking at our new family portrait I had framed for the new house and both Eddie and I noticed that it seems so perfect. That's because we're so complete. I see our little family and feel so complete and at peace. I've never been happier or more grateful for what is in my life. It's been a very difficult road for Eddie and I even before the babies diagnosis, I feel like we couldn't be stronger. This is thanks to everyone whose been there through it all. Thank you!

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