Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Modern technology sucks! Along with my time management skills!!!

Please don't hate me. My lack of blogging is due to modern technology sucking as well as my lack of time management. I sat down and wrote this blog twice and both times once I finished and tried to save it, it forced closed! UGH! Between that and working and honestly just getting annoyed at the computer I procrastinated. So here goes ANOTHER attempt! I apologize in advance if I forget anything!

So we got some big news right before we left for Chicago, We received the scholarship for California. We received a $1500.00 scholarship towards our expenses at the Conference. We'll be headed there June 29th! We're hoping to some how save up enough money to stay a couple of days after and sight see and visit family and friends we have out there. The scholarship doesn't cover all of our costs for the conference but I will figure out a way to come up with the funds if it's the last thing I do! Our Executive Director of SBAGNE has asked me to speak with her about our Walk N Rolls in the New England area at the conference also!

So Chicago was awesome! Little Eddie was adorable. The traveling itself was pretty stressful and we did learn that the next time we travel with two kids the adults need to out number the kids. Two adults to two kids is NOT enough adults. Otherwise, it was a great time! We had fun getting primped and beautified and Eddie was his usually silly self. I can't wait to see the video and share it with all of you. The Hollister team was so great to us. We even got a day before our flight out to do a little bit of sight seeing. We had a great little train ride into the city and little Eddie LOVED it! Also some great news that week too! Hollister asked me to come speak about Secure Start at Conference also! They are helping with a little bit of the costs too! More than anything I'm looking forward to speaking both times. It's an opportunity to do exactly what I've wanted to do this whole time. My goal through the blog, being on the Board of Directors for SBAGNE and everything else we do is to be an advocate for our kids. Change the view of SB and other special needs kiddos. I've seen the difference that just a change in view can make and if I can help even one person understand our world than it's worth it.

Annabella gave me an awesome Mother's Day gift! She was in a showcase for her voice lessons. She did so good! She was the youngest one there and was so confident and beautiful! Here's a preview of her rehearsals but let me say, she was definitely even better the day of the show!

                           My little star!!!

We are furiously working to get our local Walk N Roll all set up! It's only in a couple of weeks and we feel so unprepared! We'll be okay, we always are! We were on our local tv show and on a local radio station. I posted the video of us on the TV below. Don't judge, it's live TV and I was frantic before I got there that morning. I promise I'm a better public speaker than that! Whatever, the boys were adorable and that's all that matters!

I'm also posting the link to our Fundraiser page for the Walk N Roll for Team Warrior Eddie. Please consider donating or walking with our team. We are also helping organize the walk and are looking for other types of donations like raffle prizes or sponsors!



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