Saturday, September 15, 2012

My little beast!

Of course again, the MRI was easier than I made it out to be.  Little Eddie didn't even seem to care that he could eat or have a bottle.  When we got there they explained that they would give him some medicine through his IV to relax him and then while in the MRI room they would give him ansthesia through the IV that would knock him out literally as fast as it goes in.  She even warned me to not get scared about how fast he goes to sleep.  So after the first medication he was so adorablly silly.  He got so chatty and at first would try to "talk" and then giggle, over and over. I even tried to get it on video but just got him chatting and looking "high" haha!  Next, they brought him into the MRI room and gave him the ansthesia and as I rubbed his head he just kept his eyes open a little and looked at me like "they think I'm going to sleep but little do they know!" This is the same look I get even night and every naptime.  I have never had a little man that fell asleep easily.  I have a fighter!  The doctor giggled because he was supposed to just pass out and instead he was fighting it and even kept lifting his hand and tried to pull out the oxygen.  Then the doctor gave him some more and he still kept fighting it.  At this point we all giggled a bit.  So a bit more and he was finally out but he made sure his eyes were still open a bit.  I left the room and they started the MRI. About 2 minutes later I saw them go back in to fix the tag on his shirt and then came out giggling again. The nurse told me right when she went in he was just looking up smiling. They had to give him even more. What a little beast! She said she's never seen such a little guy take it like that. I guess she's never met my little Eddie, has to fight everything a lot like his daddy!  So once he was asleep the MRI went perfectly. He was awake the minute she walked in to get him.

After a quick stop to the cafeteria for a coffee and a bagel for me the two of us made our way up to the doctors office.  Let me start by saying the MRI was perfect! We won't need another appointment until he's 1 year!  Now I have to tell you about the office expierence!

After a little, how should I put this not argument rather let's say "hiccup" with the woman at the front desk who insisted on sending me to have him go get an endoscopy, yes an endoscopy! Let me paint a picture for you, A very tired anxious and cranky momma whose coffee hadn't quite kicked in yet heard endoscopy and lost it! At first I just looked at her like "What the hell lady?!".   Then as she told me twice to go down and have that procedure done I began yelling in the office like a crazy lady. Why would a neurosurgeon order a GI procedure? I wanted to say, shut up lady! But surprisingly bit my tongue.  Maybe the coffee was kicking in, or maybe I was feeling generous.  Finally I spot the doctor who looks at me with a half smile and says through the doorway, " um, is everything ok" now I'm thinking no idiot it's not! I opted for a polite "Great, how are you!" I think he found this amusing. He quickly cleared up the computer mistake and assured me there would definitely be no endoscopy. Damn right there won't be!

As he walked into the exam room I was totally spent at this point. First thing he says is "what's wrong with you." WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? Ugh! I answered with a not so polite, I have a sick 4 year old and had 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night babies are tiring (but wanted to go on and say, and I just had a fight with your idiot of a front desk clerk and JUST WANT TO GO TAKE A DAMN NAP!). He seemed confused and just said "oh, your usually not so quiet" oh just shut up!

After I got home and took a nap I was much better.  I will try to be better caffeinated next time and keep my momma bear at bay. We have a neurologist appointment Monday so hopefully I'm a little nicer to that poor doctor.

The video of him being all goofed up

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