Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Phew, 2012 is gone and 2013 is here!

What an exciting holiday season! So on the moving front here's the news......................... Wait for it....................... STILL NOT CRAWLING!!! Hahahaha Although we're still not crawling we are making some sort of movement. Sliding backwards and in circles. That's about it. Either way I'll take it as long as that means one day we're crawling! So here's our holiday recap!

Thanksgiving- We had a great time with the whole family! My whole side came over here to celebrate and we ate and ate and ate. It was awesome! I sat back at one point and looked around and thought WOW, this is so great! I'm so blessed!

NYC-  A couple of days after Thanksgiving we headed out to NYC! What a buildup! I have never kept such a secret in my life! Here's the video of the reveal;

She was such a trooper, she made it the whole day walking around in the cold without much complaining. We even made it to most of her "stops" American Girl, FAO, M&M, Rockerfeller Center, it was great! Bella also got a surprise at Christmas, tickets to go see Annie on Broadway in NYC. So we're going to head out there in the spring and probably stay overnight! It was so nice to do something just for her. Most of this year has been kind of centered on the baby and she's been such a good big sister. She deserved it!

December was mostly filled with colds, flus and stomach bugs! It sucked! First I got a stomach bug. Then Bella got it times 10! We don't need to go into details but it was a MESS! Then started the cold/flu Bella started it and the rest of us followed! The baby and I are still at the tail end. 

Eddie got his first haircut this month and it was so hard to do. I loved all that hair, but he couldn't see anything! So haircut it was and let me say he was quite the handsome little man. Don't you think?
Not happy!

So handsome!

Christmas was wonderful! Full of family and friends new and old! My house is so filled with toys it's insane! This place looks like a daycare on steroids! Although I'm sure anyone with kids has this same problem after Christmas.  Again, took a moment to look around and thought, WOW, so blessed!!

New Years was completely awesome! Eddie and I were able to get a dressed up and go out for New Years! We had so much fun. At the end of the night (well this morning really since last night we weren't really in the reflection state of mind) I realized that it wasn't so awesome for any particular reason I mean we had fun with everyone but it was just so nice to really relax and enjoy each other. Every year our love gets better and better. We've had a few really bad years but this one was the complete opposite.  We have found so much love and respect for each other. We still have a lot of work to do in our marriage but realize that marriage is work. Not tough I hate this job work but the kind of work you love and even when it's hard you think, that's okay tomorrow will be a better day here! So I don't really have one resolution but there is a lot I want to do this year, 1. Make sure that I spend more time with those friends and family that I keep saying "we'll do lunch soon!" or "we'll get together really soon!" 2. Try everything! Even if it scares me! 3. Find my passion! I'd like to start writing. Really write, even possibly make money doing it. I love it and always have. and finally 4. Soak up and appreciate everything around me! This life is awesome!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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