Monday, November 19, 2012

Not so New Year's resolution......

Ok! I know, don't say it! I didn't keep my word to blog again! This time I mean it though, I'm making a not so New Year's resolution to keep it up. So updates! Eddie's been doing great! He's 9 months now! I can't believe it! He finally has 2 teeth coming through! I didn't think we'd ever get any! He's eating like a piggy even though he's a peanut, I'm not sure where all this food is going because he weighs next to nothing! He's also tolerating tummy time a little better than before, I even found him on his belly the other morning in the bed. Not happy but there! So I'm calling that officially rolling over! He's also so close to finally figuring out how to use those arm to move! I swear the minute he does I'm throwing a Eddie's moving party! He just wants to move so bad. I find it a bit ironic that before our little guy was here all we worried about all the time was his legs, "were they going to move would he crawl or walk even". Now I'm thinking "will he ever figure out how to use those damn arms?" You should see him, those super strong legs going like crazy to get no where! He gets so frustrated. It doesn't help that one peep out of him and I come pick him up. He's mastered the art of whining and mommy manipulation. Eddie 1 Mommy 0! I'm learning to put him on his belly and walk out of sight line. He still whines but he also tries much harder to get moving. I think it's funny that Bella (who excels at everything even when we think she won't) didn't crawl until Christmas (she was born Jan 30) and didn't walk until we were all in shorts, may have crawled slower than Eddie. Fingers crossed we'll be moving before Christmas (we'll New Years!).  The PT mentioned a toy that might be good for him (it would work for him like the PT peanut balls) it's called a Rody Horse. I found them online but can't find them in a store anywhere. We were walking through Babies R Us the other day and found one like it by Imaginarium for way less money! I was so excited, brought it home and boooo, it's completely rubber! Totally latex! I was so sad. With Eddie having a few latex reactions obviously this was a big No No. So I'm off to the store again today to return it. So if anyone finds Rody toys at the store around here for inexpensive let this girl know!

So I'm going to tell you a secret because I can't tell Bella and it's killing me! For months she's been asking us to bring her to NYC. We kept talking about maybe bringing her for Christmas or her birthday but I kept wondering how in the heck we'd be able to afford that. Well a bus trip through Eddie's work came up and we jumped at it! It wasn't too expensive and it took payroll deductions out of Eddie's check so it made it a lot easier. We're so excited to take her and we've decided to leave the baby home with a sitter so she can have some "just Bella" time. So has been such a great big sister and patience with the whole less Bella time thing. Well mostly. Lately she seems to be getting a bit frustrated that there's a attention pull in the house and I think she needs this and absolutely deserves it! Plus, now one of her favorite teachers Miss Janyce from her old school lives in NY and is meeting up with us to explore. She's going to freak out! I'm freaking out! I'm keeping it all a surprise until the last minute. We figure this was she can get a good night sleep and also we won't have to listen to her talk about it over and over again.  I'm not even going to tell her about Miss Janyce until we're there. In true Kristin fashion I have already planned and mapped out the day. I can't wait!!

Speaking of things I can't wait for, this week for one! Thanksgiving and the start of the Kristin Christmas season. There's so much I'm thankful for from my amazing family and friends support system.  To the roof over our heads and warmth in our house. The fact that Eddie loves his job and has great employers and supportive bosses.   Being luck enough to have great health coverage for little Eddie and awesome doctors, and to the amazing community out there in cyber space! I'm not sure what I would do without it! Thursday I'm having the whole family over for Thanksgiving and I'm so excited! Menu is planned and we are party ready, but what I'm most excited about is Friday! Not Black Friday but the day I like to call "Finally Christmas Decoration Day!!!!!!!!!" Yes that many explanation points! There is nothing in this world I love more than Christmas! It's the only time I will tolerate snow too. I've got a lot of my shopping done and can't wait to wrap and listen to Christmas music and drink peppermint coffee. 

So I don't usually have much comments or interaction on here other than my big babbling mouth so I'd love to hear from you guys and see who's out there! Being thankful is so important and knowing what you're thankful for is such an important piece to staying grounded. Without it we would have been lost many a times.  If you get a chance I'd love to hear what you're thankful for! Leave a comment on what you're thankful for!

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