Friday, November 2, 2012

Bad blogger mommy!!!

Hi everyone! I'm so so so so sorry! I'm a bad blogger mommy! I really meant to update after our trip to Boston last week but totally forgot between colds, stomach bugs, Halloween and work! No good excuse just mommy brain! When I started getting tons of "What happened in Boston?!" questions I realized I forgot to blog, then it still took me a few days to update! So here goes!

Boston went awesome! It was also nothing short of eventful as everything we do is! Bright and early baby Eddie, myself and my mom took off for Boston! With a small amount of traffic considering the time of day we arrived right on time! We didn't even get lost on our way through Boston. (Although my mom did spend a lot of time gripping the side of the door bracing herself from my city driving!) We got there didn't we! Once we got there it was like the Disney World of hospitals. Huge and colorful and very busy! The valet was like the airport drop off three rows of drop offs! We then headed up to the ultrasound. Everyone was very nice and efficient. It went very quickly! We got the all good! Then headed for a coffee and snack in the cafe while we waited for our net appt which wasn't until noon. This is where things got a little eventful. As we headed out and up and down the elevators (we took the wrong floor) we were on one floor when a woman coming out of the elevator had a friendly visitor following her.................. a lovely cockroach! EWWWW!! He crawled out of the elevator shaft. My own bugphobia (yes I made that word up!) crept in and I was a nut after that! I would like to say the hospital was very clean and I don't think they have a bug problem I just think elevator shaft + city = inevitable occasional bug. We just got to witness it! Next we headed to the front desk for directions to our next destination (which you need that place is huge!) Our not so friendly clerk sent us on our way (again no reflect on the hospital everyone else was very nice).  After a few more elevator rides we walked in and were told again wrong floor. Thank you not so friendly front desk clerk! Another elevator ride and a serious need for some Dramamine ended us up in our destination!  11:45 phew! Next we were told that we may not get in until 1:45, confused and nauseous I may not have been the sweetest in the waiting room (I do think between myself and my mom hemming and haaing we annoyed him enough to call us about 12:15)

Finally seeing the doctor! At this point we finally got to see the doctor. The two doctors we saw were amazing! So nice and right off the bat we felt like this is exactly where we were supposed to be! They shared our hesitation about the large amount of Ditropan he was on and the quality of the uro test that were done. So drumroll please............................... No more Ditropan (well for now) we're also still cathing for now but only a couple of times a day to make sure there's nothing there until they know if he really does have reflux or not. YAY!!!!!!!!! So we'll be continuing the antibiotic while he's still cathing and on Jan 30 we'll go back for a new urodynamics and see what we've got once his bladder is working the "normal" way it would. This is not saying we won't be back on Ditropan after that but he said probably less of it.

We have seen a change in his bladder now he goes all the time. Doesn't seem to hold anything at all.  Nothing comes out in the cathing but that's ok as long as nothing is going into his kidneys. Fingers crossed we make it until Jan without any UTI's!

So I think that's about it about that. I'm do plan on blogging again tonight about his new milestones! So stay tuned!

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