Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hi my name is Kristin and I'm really bad at updating!! PART 2

So February brought huge disappointments and big celebrations. In the disappointment field.......... The New England Patriots broke my heart once again! That's all I have to say about that! Celebration wise, Little Eddie's first birthday! It was great! The weekend before his birthday brought a huge snowstorm and while we were snowed in all weekend Eddie spotted a bottle that rolled under the coffee table and army crawled towards it! FINALLY!!! Forward motion! I was seriously beginning to thing we'd never see that day! Saturday following his birthday we had a big birthday party with friends and family at a local pizza shop perfectly names "The Pizza Shoppe" we decorated it all up with a duck theme since every time he sees a duck he gets super excited and quacks! Plus before he was born for months Bella insisted on calling him Ducky Eddie, thank god that didn't stick! Eddie had a ton of fun he ate a TON and attacked the cake like we would never give him cake again!

Full of cake!

The next celebration was a HUGE one and a HUGE surprise! As our anniversary approached Eddie asked if I'd mind going to some thing at his work. Apparently they needed people to come take photos while dining for the menus and website. Looking back the story seems weird but at the time I just was annoyed that we were doing a "work" thing on our anniversary. That even though it was a free meal at a nice restaurant it was still one where I had to take photos (which I hate) and it was his restaurant with all his friends. I figured he'd be socializing the whole time. I wasn't thrilled about the idea but he seemed excited and wanted to buy me a new dress and everything. So I went with it. Probably with some attitude but I went with it. That night we got all dressed up and headed out. When we showed up we walked in and my friend Ian who does all our family photos was there snapping photos. I instantly thought this was weird but he looked surprised too and said they had hired him. I figured that Eddie had referred him. Next we sat at the bar where there was two champagne glasses ready. I thought this was weird too but Eddie said he asked them to do it for our anniversary. Again, I didn't really question. I was pretty nervous to do the whole photo thing anyways. Eddie got pulled away and as I was sitting waiting for him to come back and I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and who was it.......... my DAD! Ready with a corsage and said he was there to walk me down the aisle for the first time! I was so surprised!

A little back story quick is that Eddie and I got married in Tennessee right after Bella was born. We were engaged and planning on having a wedding in Massachusetts at some point but I was running out of health insurance so we thought what the heck we'll get married here in TN and then plan something back home in the summer. Well that never happened since we spent all of our money moving back home instead of visiting and lets just say that the whole getting eloped thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. We didn't realize you actually say vows there we thought we'd get a piece of paper signed and be married. Not exactly! While I was dressed in my best over-sized comfy sweats and my hair in a beautiful not washed messy bun. A one month old Annabella in tow in a car seat we said vows in front of the town clerk and whomever was in the clerk library at the time. It was so romantic! Ever since we've talked about renewing our vows. Even more since not long after we moved home Eddie and I took about a year and a half seperation. Divorce seemed inevitable. Then one day we just figured it out. It took a lot of hard work and even more forgiving on both sides. We finally managed to get to a good place. Maybe a better one than before. Than our little warrior came along and at a time that most marriages would struggle ours seemed to triumph. Don't get me wrong we've had many many hills throughout the road but we've had many more amazing trips.

 So back to the dinner, as I stumbled my way to the door to the side room and tried my best to regain my control.  I don't think I did too well. As the door was opened I saw a room full of friends and family waiting, rose pedals on the floor and my super handsome husband waiting at the other end of the room. It was awesome! Ian my photographer friend (by the way check him out at www.nemesisphoto.com) was there taking photos of everything! We even had an officiant and it was a very close family friend who I've always wanted to officiate our wedding. As I stood up there listening to the wonderful and perfect words he had I remember one thing most, in between shaking and thinking I may pass out that this couldn't be more perfect! Something I stated many many many times that night! Then Eddie said some amazing vows. I was so taken aback by the smooth and amazing words coming out of his mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. This was a moment that I am having trouble explaining. I've watched a lot of friends and family get married and as wonderful as it is I always think, "how can they tune everything else out like that" Now I get it. Something happens, you just do. After lots of hellos and hugs I sat down at the wonderful table. Everything was so beautifully decorated and there was even borrowed, blue, old and new items and a amazing cake designed and made by a friend and even a garder and bouquet. I couldn't have picked better decorations. Thank god for Pinterest since my family stalked my Pinterest pages and found everything I loved! The night was so perfect! Every once and a while I sit and think about it and think WOW, did that really happen?  I've never felt more married and I have never been happier! 
Amazing photo Ian at Nemesis Photo took

Me and Daddy

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