Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have waited 18 long months for this day! My little man got up yesterday on those parallel bars that have sat in our house for months and finally took steps without my help! He just stood up and said "walk?" and took steps! All the way across. Then over and over again. Well, with the help of Bella coaxing him with an icee. Immediately starting filming with my phone and crying! I couldn't watch him do it enough. I didn't even want to put him to bed I just wanted him to walk all night! When Bella took her first steps we were excited (trust me very excited, she waited 16 long months!) but I still took it for granted a bit. Watching him yesterday (and this morning, actually as I type he's behind me walking) I don't think I could appreciate anything more. I'm not sure if there are words to describe the feeling that you have when two years ago a doctor told us our child could be severely mentally handicapped and wheelchair bound with no feeling in his legs. How even though we fight for him and hopefully make him believe he can do everything we're still silently holding our breath waiting for those milestones so we can breath again. I have dreams over and over again that he just stands up in the living room and takes independent steps. I have no doubt that the day will come, but a piece of me is still holding my breath a bit. So after 18 longs months I'm BRAGGING!! GO WARRIOR EDDIE!!


  1. Thats a wonderful moment for any parent of SB child or any child for that matter. My daughter recieved basically the same diagnosis 14(almost 15 years ago) In a week she starts High school. Last night was her first cheerleader practice. She's the first wheelchair cheerleader my town has ever had. Im so happy for you and Eddie

  2. That is amazing I know my mom went through the same thing when I was kid. She said she couldn't believe that her child was walking!!! I am now in college and almost live a pretty normal life.

  3. I cried watching this. I'm so proud of little Eddie and so happy for all of you!

  4. That is AWESOME! The little guy is going to fool all the "Docs" and do very well for himself in life.
    "Keep the faith," you are in for a lot more pleasant surprises!


    Jeni Marcus

  5. Awesome job little man! I remember the day our Gabe took his first steps despite docs saying he wouldn't. Keep up the good work momma!