Thursday, September 5, 2013

Letting go!

No Eddie is not letting go yet but boy am I having to! The past couple weeks I've really had to let go! Of both my kiddos! Annabella started Kindergarten this week, I can't believe my baby is a kindergartener! The house has been very quiet this week and I'm not sure how much I like it. it has been nice to get some one on one time with Eddie. I've really had the chance to focus on him and what his needs are. It reminds me of the days I was home with Annabella when she was a baby. We had so much fun just the two of us. I've also had to let go of Eddie a bit too. I've been reprimanded by our EI therapist about not giving Eddie a chance to be independent. It's so hard not to everything for his adorable face! I'm trying though and I've totally seen a difference. He's really been trying to do some things alone and exploring his little world a lot more. It's neat to watch.

This week we also discussed with our PT about getting him a Posterior Gait Trainer (Walker) so that he can start getting around while being upright. I was a little against it at first because I was worried that it would be used as a "crutch" and he wouldn't be motivated enough to walk independently. I spoke with some moms on my support group on facebook and got quite a different reaction. Lots of parents said that once their child got one they got much more confident and eventually just let go and started walking. Well that sold me! Confidence! He needs that! So we agreed it would be a good idea and having a posterior one would help him stand up straight instead of leaning forward which he seems inclined to do, always! Our PT is setting up something with the vendor to come to center and let Eddie try a few and see which one fits him best. I was sure he wouldn't even want to try them but my minds been changing. Yesterday at group the PT gave him a big chair that's shaped like a box to push on the floor while standing. I thought for sure it would move and he'd do what he always does, kneel instead of take a step. Well in true Eddie fashion he shut me up real fast! He was cruising around everywhere! I couldn't believe it! Then we got home and gave him his push toy (which he never wants that way he always wants to ride it) I put it on the grass outside so it wouldn't go too fast and he loved it! I'm beginning to think this kid is going to show me!

Eddie pushing the chair at group!

Pushing the push toy at home!


 This week I also took the opportunity to check out some more stuff on the Holister Secure Start site. I found a bunch of online courses. I loved it. There's nothing I love more than classes, no seriously. I will take a class or workshop whenever I can especially when it comes to SB stuff. I watched a good one about the basics and actually learned a lot. If there's one thing I'm not as confident about is my knowledge on this whole bladder/bowel stuff. It was awesome to learn some more. Every time I meet a parent of a child with SB or speak to someone new to the whole process, the biggest advice I can give is learn! LEARN LEARN LEARN! The more we know as parents the better we can advocate for our kids. Doctors are smart but sometimes we know what's best for our child.

Bella's first day of school!

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