Friday, September 13, 2013

Big changes!

Lots has gone on this week! First and foremost we got a stipend towards the New England Spina Bifida Conference in Sturbridge, MA this upcoming weekend. We're so excited! We can take the kids since there's a kids club and we got a room for an extra night so we could attend the Abilities Expo in Boston on Sunday! I'll let you in on a secret I'm really hoping to see Auti Angel from Push Girls while we're there. She'll be doing a wheelchair dance class. I absolutely love that show! I love when we get the chance to do these things since we learn so much and get to meet so many others in our little community. We also got the save the date for the National Spina Bifida Conference. It's in Anaheim CA at Disneyland and we really think it would be an amazing experience and chance to learn. We set up a gofundme account with hopes to raise enough money to attend. It's not until July 2014 but its never to early to get the ball rolling. The link to the gofundme site is if you'd like to check it out. 

We decided on getting Eddie a reverse walker and the vendor will come September 30 to show him what he can offer and Eddie will get to trial out two. We also went to Boston Children's to meet with ortho, they would like to get him back into AFO's (ankle foot orthotics)    Not 100% of the time but just to see if we can stretch out his hamstrings and back of his knees. We also spoke with our service coordinator for EI and decided to add on OT (occupational therapy) along with our PT and maybe some more PT once he has the walker and AFO's to get him moving. We're going to address some of his sensory issues with the OT and hopefully get him more confident.

Lots of changes lately. All for the good I hope.  

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