Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Big BIG changes... and a BIG surprise too!!

Wow! We've recently had some big life changes! I made the decision to go back to work. It was a very difficult decision. I took a part-time job at Sephora at the mall just to bring in some extra cash for the holidays but I knew that if we wanted to move our lives into the next step like buying a home something would need to change. I've loved the time I've had at home with my babies but now that life is settling down and becoming almost "normal", I thought we were maybe all ready. I still struggled with how I would find a place to work that could be flexible with my schedule and find a daycare that was convenient with Bella's school and my employer as well as affordable. Then all of a sudden it all fell into place. I heard about a company that was hiring in a nearby town. I was apprehensive going to an interview. I wasn't completely sure I'd be ready to go back to work. Be away from the kids. Then I had the interview, it was a family owned company just starting out. They were so warm and welcoming. The job seemed like a perfect fit. After I left I couldn't help but think I really wanted it. That's when things all fell into place. I got the job and I found a daycare right in the town my daughter went to school. It worked out perfect because then Bella could go there after school. We were even able to get a nurse to go to the daycare to do the cath.

My first day of work was scary, I wasn't sure what to expect and if I could even do it. Not to mention leaving little Eddie at daycare would not be easy. I cried the whole way home from there. Work on the other hand was great. The position was a perfect fit and I love it. I'm still having a tough time leaving Eddie in the am. It doesn't help that he clings to me every morning. Daycare assures me he's fine the minute I leave but somehow that doesn't really help since he's so darn cute when I'm there. So I've been working a lot between both jobs and big Eddie has really stepped up as Mr. Mom! He's doing a great job! I'm a little concerned he's better at it then me some days. I miss the kids but I love having a little independence and I feel like I'm really contributing at my new job and that really makes me feel great.

So as for the BIG SURPRISE.................................................. Eddie took his first steps!!!!!!! Can you believe it? No? Me either! That's because he's done it for almost everyone except me! Ugh! That's my punishment I guess. Apparently he was working with the therapist the other day and she stood him against a bookshelf and he took four steps towards her. I almost didn't believe it until Eddie sent me a text video of him doing it again at home with him. Apparently he did it over and over again! Sooooo, here it is! The video we've all been waiting for!

As much as doctors have said he may walk independently one day, even possibly without braces. It was still hard to believe. I knew he could do anything he wanted but for some reason this whole walking thing has always weighed heavy on my heart. Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't have cared if he could or couldn't walk ever, but it just weighed on me differently than all of our other diagnoses. I've had so many dreams in the past year and a half of him walking and running and then I wake up expecting him to just walk around. For the first time I feel like my eyes are more open. I can see him walking or running one day. My heart does hurt a bit for those mamas that are still waiting or won't get to see their kids move like my little man. We've been so lucky in this journey but understand that we have hit the jackpot with every scenario and others may have had a more difficult journey. With our big 2nd birthday coming up Friday, I can't help but think how far we've all come.


  1. That's incredible. Congratulations little Eddie! Keep taking those steps and pretty soon everyone is going to have to run to keep up with you!!

  2. I'm so happy for you guys!! I have kept up on your blog since baby Eddie was born, & I am ecstatic for you guys, to see how far he's come. Teary eyed (: What a little trooper you've got there (:

  3. go warrior eddie!!!!!!!!! made me teary eyed too!