Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If you read a post, read this one!!!!

If you're a new reader or just one that checks in every once in a while, let's be real any reader!! This is the post to read! HUGE NEWS! We have a walker!! Not a sometimes walker but a real walker! We fall a lot but we get right back up and keep on going. Then fall again! It's amazing!!! I have said lots of times, "I know he'll walk one day" but for that day to actually come is so unbelievable! I didn't  really ever prepare myself for this day. I was okay if he never walked but maybe because I was so okay with it, this seems even better. I can't wait to share some video. Keep in mind he does walk way more when the camera is off but he doesn't seem to want to show off quite yet!

DRUM ROLL..................................

We've had a few hiccups this week also. We not have a UTI. A real nasty one. It started over a week ago when I noticed it while cathing him. From there we headed off to the doctors and headed home with an antibiotic. The next day the doctor called saying that wouldn't work and we needed a new one. So off to our lovely pharmacy we went. (They love us there!) After this his urine looked great!
Wednesday we headed off to Boston for a full urodynamics test. He was adorable, flirting with the whole hospital "running" with the walker through the hospital. We got a lot of the same news as last time which is good and disappointing at the same time. The neurologist was super impressed by how smart and verbal he was considering he has a shunt. He was rattling off shapes and letters to the doctor like a champ!

This morning we woke up with some nasty looking urine, so off to the pediatrician we went! Turns out he has a nasty strain of bacteria therefore a not so fun UTI. He's on another antibiotic. Fingers crossed this kills it! We also have another appointment in Boston tomorrow for a follow up with the urologist. He was out of town last week running the LA Marathon for Team Spina Bifida! Go Dr. Estrada! We're so lucky to have such an awesome Urologists!

The other day Eddie (big Eddie) and I were talking about his experience with all of this. We've decided to add a little Daddy's Corner for Eddie to blog too so keep your eyes out for that in the next few days!

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