Monday, April 7, 2014

Walking, surgery and a star!

Everyday I wake up just keeps getting better and better.  God, I hate people like me that walk around all grateful and happy. Really, I do. I've been Mrs. Pessimistic my whole life. Something happens when you have gone through what we have. When you've witnessed first hand what we have. You can't help but seeing the world differently. I may be tired one day, or overwhelmed by life's obstacles but waking up and seeing my kids do extraordinary things, make it hard to be a negative person. My husband may annoy me some days (well, honestly most days). My kids may have a cranky day which makes some days very overwhelming, but in the end seeing how super smart and sweet they can be makes it all trivial.

Little man is walking all over the place. Mostly like a little old drunk but adorable none the less. I watched him at a party we went to the other night playing with the kids and chasing them around. It was the first time he didn't sit on my lap whining. I realized it was because he could finally play and chase all the other kids. Usually he couldn't catch them but the fact that he could play was awesome! Yesterday we took the kids for ice cream and they had a kids slide there. Eddie usually asks for help up the slide and then shakes while going down (needing us to hold on for security). This time Eddie and I sat on a bench nearby watching him. He walked to the slide, climbed up all the stairs by himself and then sat down and slide down with Bella at the bottom ready to catch him. It was the coolest thing I've seen. Such a small thing and yet such a huge moment to us. Seeing him finally gain some confidence and conquer these little things we wanted for him so bad.

Last week he had a small procedure in Boston. When we were there last we discussed re-doing his circumcision. It wasn't done great the last time and really needed to be re-done to help keep things clean and easy for cathing. So my mother and I headed there last week to have it redone. The ride up was a bit eventful since we had to keep him distracted from being starving! Which just made us more hungry since we really wanted some Dunkin! Once we got there he was his usual charming self with the doctors. Making jokes right until the anesthesia finally kicked in! It was a quick procedure and went perfectly! I have to say, it looks beautiful! (I can say that because I'm his mommy).

I submitted our application for the scholarship to the SB Conference in California in July. It's not enough money to pay for the whole trip but if we get it then it'll make a HUGE dent in expenses for Eddie and I. If we get it then it's meant to be, if not then we'll go next time! No biggie!

We also got some fun news last week. I got a call from Holister (the company we use for our catheters) and they would like Eddie and I to be in a testimonial video for their Secure Start Program. I said yes right away since we love the catheters we have and we have tried a lot. I assumed that we'd be doing it at home or something online. Then she said they wanted to fly us out and put us in a hotel and everything! To CHICAGO! Here's a little secret, I LOVE Chicago! I mean let's face it I love food and it's like the capital of great food! We don't know exactly when yet but probably the end of April. I can't wait. We're hoping we can save up enough money so Eddie and Bella can come too!

Tomorrow night we head to a workshop by our favorite author mommies! The "Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid" authors. I can't wait!!!

Last but not least, we've started fundraising for our 2014 Walk N Roll! We've already raised a ton and are ready to fund raise like crazy! So be on the lookout for all our fun stuff like new t-shirts!

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  1. Great News! All the best to the handsome little guy.
    Positive vibes from Lake Placid NY !!