Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinking of others

I am connected on a few facebook and message boards regarding SB, giving me a chance to reach out to others with children with SB and adults with SB. On one of these sites a grandmother has been updating us all about her 4 week old grandson's progress. Her grandson has a similar diagnosis as our little guy and they have had quiet a rollercoster ride these past few weeks. In the past couple weeks they have had one after the other "crazy never heard of" events happening.  Everyday I jump on the site to see if there are any updates about him. Where others may see a doomsday I see a little boy with so much strength that even handed all of these difficult things at 4 weeks he's still fighting! It gives me so much hope for his and our little guys future, and no matter how difficult my day is I think of those parents spending all their waking hours in a NICU watching the miracle of that little boy fight. It amazes me how we treat babies so carefully yet they can be so strong. Even during some things that even us adults may not be able to physically handle. So today I ask you to keep this little guy in your thoughts and hopefully we create a sort of "butterfly effect" of love to send his way!

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