Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Things have been real busy around here especially between apartment hunting and early xmas shopping.  I haven't blogged much mainly because while entering my new trimester of pregnancy I'm wiped out! I'm going to make tonight's post short and sweet since I'm busy baking my pumpkin and pecan pies for tomorrow and an extra regular pecan just in case no one wants to try my Paula Deen Mystery Pecan Pie.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the states and what I like best about it (other than all the pies and football) is that it is a chance to tell those around you how thankful you are lucky enough to have them in your life.  So here are my Thank You's! I want to thank my family, friends and blog readers for all of your support. To my loving husband, thank you for putting up with my hormonal ups and downs (even when I'm not pregnant) and for your unconditional love through everything we've been through.  To my family and friends, I truly believe if we didn't have the unconditional support of all of you this journey would seem even more daunting.  As well as all of your babysitting hours so we can steal our bits of time whether it be a date night gone awry (a story for another day) or even a chance to go to an appointment without bringing Bella so we can give the doctors our full attention. So I'm giving thanks to all of you and I hope you remember what tomorrow is all about and take a moment to thank those around you that love and support you.

Side note....
Saw this today and thought it was cute! I know so not funny but sometimes you get sick of Big Bird, at least when you have to watch Sesame Street all day!

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