Friday, December 2, 2011

Boring Appointment! :)

Sorry I haven't written in a bit.  We had another doctor's appointment on Monday and it was so crazy to see how different the ultrasounds look now that we're in the third trimester.  This whole pregnancy Eddie and I have been saying that it would be great to go to an appointment and walk out feeling like it was a "normal" appointment. No talks about ventricles size differences or alarming news or anything. Just a regular appointment about how cute our baby looks and a "see you in two weeks".  At this point we are always prepared for even a small amount of new news about what's going on.  This week was the magic week.  Ultrasound was perfect, no change in ventricle size the baby has gained weight (which is great since two weeks before they we're concerned since he was so tiny) He's about 2 weeks smaller than most babies.  I'm not worried at all though, although Bella was a nice average 7lbs 15oz when I was born I was only 5lbs 14oz. So what if he's tiny!  When the doctor said he was 2lbs 4oz I thought it sounded so big, up until now we weren't up to pounds it's weird thinking there is something growing inside of me that's a whole 2lbs!! After the ultrasound we headed to the doctor to chat with her, and again another perfect appointment. Not much to chat about other than my wonderful pregnancy heartburn and Eddie's usually chatty cathy chit chat. Sometimes I think he could spend the whole appointment chatting about himself! :) It's ok though that just means the more he can chat the less we focus on the SB. Actually come to think of it we really didn't even mention the SB and it was awesome! Fingers crossed that the rest of our appointments will go the same way.  In the next couple of weeks we'll be having our NICU consultation which will hopefully be our last consultation before the baby comes.  At 32 week (I'm 28 1/2 now) I'll start going for ultrasounds and appts every week to conduct a biophysical profile which sounds like a big deal but it's really just a scoring system to keep track of the baby. You get scored 2 points for each "normal" thing for example, heartbeat, breathing, movement etc. Luckily our little guy already shows off during ultrasounds (other than his face, we have still yet to get a good pic of his face) hes constantly moving around and beating up my belly when we're there.  He clearly doesn't like anyone touching mommy other than him. That's my momma's boy! We'll also make a tentative delivery plan. Since I'm a planner I like this part best! I'm not big on surprises.

So that was the appointment in a nutshell! I've been feeling pretty good lately other than the more frequent braxton hicks (which I've had since 18 weeks!) According to my exams it doesn't seem to be doing much other than making me uncomfortable. We looked at a great apartment the other night, it's real cheap but not in the greatest area. Although the street is very quiet and no one seems to bother it.  We're not sure what's going to happen yet, it's kinda if we get it we get it if not than not. We don't really have enough saved up for 1st, last and sec so we'll see. Either way we'll figure it out! Least of our problems, right?! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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