Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another boringish appointment!

Yesterday was our 30 wk appointment and we had an ultrasound and appointment with the OB and we also had a consultation with the NICU.  The ultrasound went great, ventricles went from 1.4-1.8 and according to the doctor that can easily just be a misplacement of the cursor on the screen. So YAY 30 weeks and the ventricles haven't done much which is awesome! We're really hoping they stay small or get smaller and we may not need shunts! Fingers crossed. We also found out that the opening on his back is only 1/4"-1/2" wide and long which is awesome since this means low infection chances and easy healing time. We've also found out that Feb 13th or Feb 14th is a likely date for little Eddie to be scheduled to be here. We're hoping for Feb 14th, nothing like bringing all that love into a day about love! 
We then met with one of the NICU doctors also and took a tour of the NICU. He was such a nice doctor so cute he kept telling us how great he thought we were and what a good feeling he had about us.  Telling us how positive and amazing we seemed to be handling it all. A lot of people tell us this, it's hard for us to understand. We feel like what would we not be positive about? We know there are a million worse positions we could be in. We're bring a beautiful little boy into our family, exactly what we've wanted.  We've overcome a crazy couple of years in our relationship and found our way back to each other stronger than ever. From where I'm standing the world looks pretty bright. Don't get me wrong. I'm emotionally drained and have some tough days. Today included. I cry more than normal (although I'm sure some of that comes with being 7 months pregnant) and I worry a lot about the times ahead, but all in all thank god for my extremely silly husband and daughter.  They keep me giggling all the time. Their energy is infectious! I hope Little Eddie has that same infectious personality!
Here's a little Eddie Bella personality to make you giggle!

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