Sunday, December 11, 2011

Epic shoppng!

Again, I've lagged on the blogging! Shame on me! No excuses this time either. :( So yesterday we headed out to the mall, mom myself and gram to go register for my "sprinkle" and get some Xmas shopping done. After all these years of us all shopping together I should have known better. Six and a half hours and we didn't even finish one floor! We are not quick shoppers :) Throw in 7 months pregnant and fibromyalgia and needless to say I'm dragging today! Who cares I feel like we got a ton accomplished! This Xmas season I've been feeling like I always have a long list of stuff and none of it gets done! Plus I've been getting a good amount accomplished for work too. This is my favorite holiday and although I didn't put on my usual crazy decorating hat, I did add a few things around the house!  Every year gets more and more exciting watching Bella get into the holiday. She's insistent of celebrating all holidays of this season Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. She attends a catholic school for pre-k (even though we're not catholic, and I think we're probably the only ones) and keeps asking the teachers to sing Hanukkah songs. They even played dradle with her. It's so cute watching her use her own words for things like "Cheez-It's" for "Jesus" and "cradle" for "dradle" it's super cute because she usually has a better vocabulary than me and pronounces everything perfectly. I think she just likes to hear me giggle when she says it wrong. Tomorrow I'm sending out our 60 Christmas cards and can't wait! I'm so excited to really soak in our family and friends and appreciate this last Christmas with just the three of us before our family expands. I can't even imagine what Christmas will be like when Bella isn't the center of attention anymore. What a rude awakening it will be for her. I hope that everyone is enjoying this season as much as I do and if not then go take a ride to look at some stellar light displays and listen to some cheesy holiday music (my station is now programmed to holiday music all the time!). It's sure to put anyone in the spirit!

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