Monday, April 9, 2012

Defying Gravity.....

We've had another great week and a great Easter weekend with family! This week we got the urology ultrasound results back and to our surprise they came back perfect! When we were pregnant and even in the hospital we were told even with the best odds our little guy would probably need to have a catheter.  This is because his lesion is so low that they said it almost always affects the nerves to the bladder and bowel.  So we expected that he may not be voiding his bladder completely and they would see some backing up into his kidneys on the ultrasound. Nope! Not this little guy, he's defying all the odds!  Also, today was his early intervention assessment where they score him on his development.  There's not a ton to score on since he's so little but he passed with no developmental delays and even excelled on gross motor skills! They will still come a few times a month to work with him and more if he starts to fall behind milestones.  For now though he's doing great! Take that SB!!  We're not out of the woods, we won't ever be completely out of the woods but I'll take every good news as a sign that no one better tell my little Eddie he can't or won't do anything.  He'll show you!  While sitting and decompressing the past few weeks today I thought of a song from the musical Wicked called "Defying Gravity", here's a verse from it;

'I'm through accepting limits
cause someone says they're so
some things I cannot change 
but till I try, I'll never know!'

From in the womb my little guy was defying the odds.  When they told us his hydro would only get much worse and then it got less and less and then none until 3 weeks after birth.  Or when they told us his clubbed foot and  bowed legs were really bad at the hospital and now they have almost done a 180.  We know that he still has obstacles but we also know that he's a fighter.  No matter what the outcome we are confident that he will take every obstacle with strength and courage and because we see that strength and courage in him we're following suit deciding to find that same strength and courage within ourselves! I firmly believe that this little man has strengthen the love in our marriage and has made us more solid than ever at a time when we needed it the most.

Happy Easter! Here's a couple more pics the first is my silly father and daughter with baby Eddie and the other is all four generations of Edward Harvey Gagnon's!


  1. Those SB doctors had no idea who they were dealing with--that little Eddie is destined to re-write the book! "...The spirit of a warrior, the champion's heart..." (The Warrior's Code, Dropkick Murphys)

  2. Such wonderful news and such great spirit!

  3. I LOVE that verse from Wicked.
    I actually planned to write a whole blog post about defying gravity!

    Great News!