Saturday, April 28, 2012

Everybody's a clown!

Last night we headed to the Circus! As much as I carry an absolute detest of the circus from the clowns to the stinky animals, this time was actually a ton of fun!  We all went, even baby Eddie hung out in the Moby wrap enjoying the lights.  My brother Ross came too!  Bella seemed to really enjoy it even while acting her "too mature" self.  Saying things like "I am NOT going to ride on those animals!" or answering my brothers question to get her a toy with her hand up and a "not right now"  sometimes I wonder if she's 4 or 40.  The circus is put on by the Melha Shriner's who happen to be our local Shriner's from the Springfield Shriner's Hospital for Children.  Most ridiculous moment of the night was when they started and were explaining what Shriner's does and where the money goes to.  Then they announce the man who happens to be baby Eddie's Shriner's sponsor. My hormonal mommy self couldn't keep the tears back.  (I'm not sure how much longer I can use the hormone excuse).  Eddie basically just gave me the "you're ridiculous" look!  I pulled it together though and enjoyed the show.

Thursday baby Eddie had his monthly head ultrasound.  As I sat there watching the tech scan I actually crossed my fingers behind my back. I'm not sure why I know he's been doing great, but just like every ultrasound when we were pregnant it is very nerve racking.  Hopefully these ultrasounds and MRI's get easier! I watched her measure and saw the little points and they were so close about this far * * I got so excited! I've never seen his ventricles that small not even in utero.  When I pointed that out she said they were so small she had trouble getting a measurement.. BTW this is a big YAY! We meet with the neurosurgeon on Monday so I'm real excited to hear what he has to say about our little warrior!

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