Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things...

What a nice normal week we've had. I finally feel like we are slowly getting back to normal and getting to really enjoy our new expanded family.  After last weeks crazy amount of appointments this week has been a bit quieter. Monday baby Eddie finally had his circumcision done which in all honesty hurt big Eddie more than it hurt baby Eddie :).  I was a bit freaked out too but he did so good the nurse said he didn't even cry! 

Yesterday was such an amazing day! We woke up and realized that for the first time since baby Eddie was born we didn't have one appointment and big Eddie didn't have to work either job! So we took a page out of the Steve Gallant playbook. For those of you that don't know us Steve was my uncle who passed a few years ago.  He was well know for waking up and deciding to take a random road trip (even sometimes taking a "sick" day) which always ended up in a fun filled day! I know that my brother and I as well as his daughter remember those road trips as some of the most fun times in our lives.  At some point in the trip something crazy always happens where we end up giggling at the situation whither it be getting lost, forgetting something crucial to the trip or even blasting the radio and singing as goofy as we can.  So we got up yesterday morning as decided on a Steve trip! I was so excited I was like a kid, I kept saying "this is so awesome, I love this..." we headed up the pike and down to RI (I know that sounds like we went up to go down but here in MA you go "up" (east) the pike and then down to RI, it's not quiet as confusing as it sounds) we ended up at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI. It was a blast and actually pretty inexpensive. I urge anyone whose in the area to check it out it's only a little over an hour drive from here. Check out their site here

Here's a picture of Bella with the giraffes, she spent the whole first part of the zoo saying "I hope there's giraffes I love them so much!!!!!"

After the park we headed to Dave and Busters in the Providence Place Mall.  Bella was so excited to eat (or not eat) and go play.  I think her exact words were "LOOK AT ALL THOSE GAMES!!"  It was a blast!

We then headed home with two very tired very overstimulated children and we all passed out! Baby Eddie even slept until 3am! All in all it was nothing short of an amazing and normal day where we could really take the time to appreciate our adorable and amazing family!

Today we're heading to the baby's urology ultrasound to make sure his bladder function is as good as they think it is and that nothing is backing up into his kidneys. Fingers crossed that all go perfect!

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  1. What a wonderful family outing with many more to come!

    Ann Miville