Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All clear..... For now!

Update time!! So Friday I got a bit freaked out since baby Eddie's fontanel seemed a little puffy and his shunt site was really puffy, plus he was really cranky that day. So I called the neuro and waited impatiently for 4 hours for him to call me back! Apparently it's normal for this to happen a little especially if he is fussy and crying a lot.  He assured me that it would go back down and he was sure that if the shunt was malfunctioning the CSF buildup would go to his back first. Which I've been told before but everything worries me lately.  He told us to bring him in on Monday just for a real quick check just to ease all of our minds. On Saturday our neuro happened to be eating at Eddie's restaurant and mentioned to him that he spoke to me (that's what Eddie says happened, I got the feeling though it sounded more like this, Neuro- "I spoke to your wife yesterday about the baby" Eddie- "Yeah, she's crazy...") By Monday it seemed much better and he agreed when we saw him at the office. He did assure me that I did the right thing and that we will probably be making a lot of these little "just check him" visits over the years. I think we're going to have quiet a relationship with our neuro, Eddie and him are even on a first name basis.. I can't quiet get used to calling our amazing neurosurgeon, Rob.

Today was his head ultrasound and for a minute almost a dramatic one.  All was going well until the end when the tech took a pic of the shunt in his head and underneath it typed "SHUNT ?" "?" What the hell is the question mark for??? Then she left the room and said she was going to get the doctor. WHAT?! The moment she left I started freaking out inside and even a bit on the outside. I think my exact words were what the hell is the question mark for? After what felt like forever the tech came back in with two doctors, not one but TWO!  I then asked out loud, "Is something wrong with the shunt?" to which the tech responded "I'm not allowed to answer that." What? Jesus! Then neither doctor said a word and after I finally got up from my chair and stood near him did he respond by telling us that everything looked great and his ventricles were beautiful. They just couldn't get a good picture of the shunt from where it was placed. JESUS! Way to keep us hanging. He did apologize probably because he saw the look on my face since I was feeling like I was about to wring his neck!  Needless to say everything was great! Thank goodness!

We then headed over to plastics to have his stitches removed from his back, FINALLY! 6 weeks later! I'm glad we waited though since it gave his back time heal fully after the horrible swelling thanks to the CSF.  His back looks amazing now that the stitches are out. I can't believe how good the scar is. Weird to say that but I've seen pictures of other babies scars and none look as good as his! Apparently we lucked out with an awesome neuro and an awesome plastics guy! So we have a little break from visits now to our clean bill of health. We see the pedi neurologists tomorrow and hopefully another all clear there too!

We also had our photos done again today. Our first family photo and baby Eddie's first "photo shoot"! The photographer Ian was so great! Got some amazing pics. Here are a couple we already get to see! The one of baby Eddie naked with his scars showing is my absolute favorite, reminds me of everything difficult and beautiful we've been through. It's amazing. To see more of Ian's work check out www.nemesisphoto.com

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  1. Glad to hear that things are going good. I'm so happy to see on your posts that you call the Doctor when you don't feel that something looks right. Don't let them or anyone make you feel foolish for calling. It is always better to find out that it was nothing than to let it go and find out it was serious and now is even worse because you let it go. You know your baby best. He is a cutie. I like the picture of him and Bella.