Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Surgery #2

So before we left this morning I gave baby Eddie a little sponge bath. I gently wiped his incision to get all the junk off a small piece of stitches came off on the washcloth.  I checked his incision and everything looked ok so I didn't think much of it. When we arrived here at the hospital and was getting him dressed for surgery his back was soaked and he had a clean diaper.  We quickly realized that the CSF that has been draining into his back had started leaking.  Well good thing we were here to get a shunt.

His surgery went very well they placed a VP shunt on the right side of his head behind his ear and the tubing is very long and goes down his right side to his stomach and the CSF should drain there and be absorbed by his body. The neuro said that it drained great right away which is a good sign and he also removed 30cc (about one ounce) from his back to help alleviate thdt pressure and hopefully prevent any further drainage.

The plastic surgeon will see him tomorrow to check his incision and over the next few weeks they will watch it to see if it may need to be reclosed. This may need to happen if it leaks more in order to prevent infection or if there's too much loose skin after the swelling from the CSF goes away. They would reclose the incision to make it look better. Fingers crossed this won't happen since that would require another surgery and infection risk.

He went to recovery from surgery where we were able to be with him. One thing they should tell you before you go in there is that your child will be very pale and look kinda comatose.  I took one look at him and my stomach dropped. Then he cried and turned red, thank God.

He's in the PICU now and although he does seem a bit uncomfortable from pain he's been pretty content. He has had a little fever but they think he may have just had too many blankets and was too warm.  They're gonna check him again soon and let me feed him a bit.

As long as he does ok tonight they will send us home tomorrow. With lots of instruction I'm sure.

Thank you for all the kind wishes on here and on Facebook. I'm having trouble keeping up with everyone and saying all our thank yous. Also, I know a lot of people are asking for updates if possible if anyone hears of someone who would like an update can you give them the blog website and I will do my best to keep it updated!


  1. Our prayers are with you. Ann & Gary

  2. Lots of prayers being sent your way. So glad the surgery went well. Little Eddie is so, so beautiful and so strong. God Bless, Jen Poitras