Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another night :(

Last night went ok, he was pretty uncomfortable so he woke up every 15 min or so and cryed a bit before I could soothe him back down. He ate pretty good all night but at around 7 he took a bottle and was really fussy the whole time. Right after I was giving him his tylenol when he vomited all over me him and my blanket. When I say vomited I mean vomited! I had to change both mine and his clothes and everything.  Well learned my lesson that time. Don't feed a fussy baby 4 oz!

Thankfully that didn't happen again, he did spit up a bit but what's new.

Unfortunately his back did swell a bit overnight. Which basically just means that the CSF is looking for the path of least resistance to get out. Because of this they are keeping him another night to watch it. They are hoping if they don't drain it again then it will eventually head back up to his brain where the shunt will drain it correctly.  If it doesn't then they will have to do another surgery to drain it with a needle. The problem with this is a chance of a fisstula <--sp. could form and the CSF will keep draining to that spot.

So the good news is we've been transferred to the regular pediatric ward which is much quieter and a semi more comfortable bed type thing. Anything has got to be better than the chair in PICU. So far he has a room with no roommate. Hopefully it stays that ways!

So hopefully we go home tomorrow but no guarantees.


  1. Please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many. "May God watch over you, body and soul and stay beside you through the night. Protect you from harm. Banish your fears. Send you dreams that are sweet, fill your heart with His peace, set your mind at ease."

  2. I hope your little guy is feeling better and able to come home soon!