Sunday, March 4, 2012

Long weekend!

What a stressful few days it's been.  The past few days have been quite a emotional mess for me. No reason in particular maybe just the lack of sleep and stress is catching up with me.  Not to mention I am constantly worried about the CSF (spinal fluid backup) in baby Eddie's back and head.  In between feedings, changing diapers, cleaning up the house and all the other household stuff I've managed to cry every chance in between. Thank you postpartum hormones!

We headed out to the ER last night because he was more fussy than usual and his head and back both seemed more swollen than it did Thursday and Friday.  I really just called the neuro to see if there was something I could give him to make him more comfortable but there wasn't anyone on call so we headed there to have a neuro look at him.  Luckily it was quiet (which is extremely rare for the trauma center on a Saturday night at midnight) but thankfully it was and we got speedy treatment.  They weren't real concerned about his back and head they say unless his incision is leaking CSF then he's OK to wait it out until Tuesday. Also because his fontanelles (soft spots) haven't closed yet his head can take all that swelling without any damage or effect to his brain.  So, again I'm learning to have patience.  Not my strongest ability.  They did give him a bit of Tylenol to make him a bit more comfortable just in case.  We're heading to our appointment with the Neurosurgeon tomorrow and will hopefully get more info about Tuesday's surgery and we also have a Pedi appointment which I'm excited about since we get to see how big our little man has gotten!  I'll update again tomorrow with more info about Tuesday.

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