Friday, June 8, 2012


 *Eddie snapped this photo while I was "rocking" baby Eddie to sleep. (ready to fall asleep myself!)

Today was our big MRI day. This is the first one baby Eddie has had since he was born.  To recap, the reason we had one done today was because baby Eddie's shunt has slipped down significantly and the neuro would like to make sure it's not causing any problems.  Once he receives the results he will decided if he needs another surgery to correct the shunt.  I was so nervous about today's MRI, mainly because they had to sedate him for it and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect.  After the last surgery I was so scared to see him come out of sedation.  Luckily it was a much easier experience.  I guess I should've figured that since brain surgery and an MRI are at quiet the opposite sides of the spectrum of procedures.  Unfortunately for the poor little one I had to wake him at 4 to give him a bottle of pedilite and then keep him awake as much as possible until the MRI at 8. He did manage to sneak a quick 20 min cat nap in there while I was getting Bella ready for school.  Once it was time for the MRI he was so exhausted that he probably didn't need much sedation anyways he was ready to pass out all on his own.  They gave him the medicine and wrapped him up all warm and put him in my arms.  Before I could get comfortable in the chair to rock him, he was asleep.  The MRI was quick and he woke up nicely.  He was pretty out of it most of the day, he snoozed on and off all day (actually he's sleeping again right now as I write this, right through a feeding).  We should hopefully hear something about it next week.  As usual I'll probably call the neuro in a few days to check up on it.  There's that impatience again.  All in all it was relatively painless.  We're looking forward to a fun night of bowling Tuesday night for the fundraiser and I promise I'll post lots of pictures on Wednesday!

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  1. Holding good thoughts for little Eddie and some rest for you!