Monday, August 6, 2012

Picnics, Picnics and Olympics!!!

I know it's been a few weeks since I've posted, honestly there hasn't been much to post.  Which is a great thing since that usually means life is pretty boring. Although I wouldn't say things have been boring around here we've just been so busy between hitting up multiple parties on the weekends and watching the Olympics.  Last weekend was baby Eddie's baptism. Now I know that anyone who knows me probably gets surprised to hear that I had my child baptized but hear me out first!  We've been attending church a lot lately, initially as a chance for us to do something as a family and if nothing else have the chance to reiterate and reinforce lessons in morals to Bella and ourselves.  Now it is no secret that I personally don't believe in the literally teachings of the church. I don't believe in a God necessarily but I do believe in God in the figurative sense of the word. I believe in a higher state of being within oneself.  Probably more along the lines of a Buddhist belief.  I am beginning to find my own path within the church.  I am able to take what I hear in church and translate it to an extent to my own belief system.  I am finding a way to meditate and "pray" within my self my way.  Honestly isn't that what we all do on some level.  We are all different so we all have different beliefs, no two the same.  Isn't it about finding a way to connect and live life to the best moral standing that is important? I'm slowly figuring it all out for myself and honestly can't guarantee that it will lead me in the way of church or something else.  Lately I need something to help me find that faith in myself to help me find a place.  I don't think that will be in the way of Jesus or God but if anything self realization.

So enough of that, about all our partying!  Baptism was Sunday and we had a HUGE party at my mom's afterwards! After a little bit of rain (which I firmly believe my Uncle Steve sent to us from the heavens since it was also his birthday and I can't remember a trip or event with him that it didn't rain, it actually became a running joke!) sunshine came through and it was beautiful the rest of the day.  Everyone seemed to have fun and we had so many awesome family and friends there.  It is always wonderful to see how many family and friends we have to support us and our children!  We also had a bunch of other picnics this weekend which has been SUPER exhausting but lots of fun.  On top of it all Bella has a little cold and we are all very OVERTIRED! I'm thinking today will be a day of recovery and cleaning the house!

Us with Fr. Bill and baby Eddie's God Parents!

We've been watching the Olympics like mad around here and we are totally Team USA in everything but I have to say we have been very Team South Africa this week! There is a runner named Oscar Pistorius the name alone makes him a BAM! For those of you who aren't Dane Cook fans (Bad A** Mother, well usually there's a F at the end but you can use your imagination!) He has done something no one has ever done he ran the 400 in the Olympics as a double amputee!  He is a gold medal Paraolympian and not only ran in the Olympics but made it to the semifinals!  I posted a video about his story and I encourage you to watch it.  He's extremely inspirational no matter who you are.  Once Eddie and I heard about him it immediately struck a cord with us.  I kept thinking what an amazing mother he must of had that could instill in him the confidence and will power to get up everyday and show the world that everyone is different and that "disabled" doesn't mean "unable"!  I posted on Twitter and happened to @ him and within 10 minutes got a direct message from him! Which happened to be in the middle of the night in London! It wasn't a particular personal message just a quick line but Eddie and I were jumping up and down here feeling like tweens getting a message from their favorite boy band!  To us Oscar Pistorius is a glimpse of everything our little warrior Eddie can do in the future, ANYTHING!  Then I tweeted the picture of the direct message and said that even though he probably sends out 1000's of those same messages it meant so much to us! 10 minutes later ANOTHER message!  I felt like such a geek getting so excited, but he is officially a favorite athlete for us (sorry Wes Welker, but I still love you too!).  We'll be watching him in the 400 relay also and even though we'll always cheer "Go USA" we'll be cheering "Go South Africa" too!

 Here's the link to the video:

My DM with Oscar Pistorius!

Making history at 2012 London Olympics

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