Thursday, July 18, 2013

Secure Start

I'll be posting a couple of times a week about a program that I've recently enrolled in and as I know that some of you have no connection to SB or cathing needs I'm hoping you'll read about our experience like you so warmly do with all of our experiences. Our blog is about our journey and cathing a a huge part of our lives. I mean really most of my day revolves around it!

So a little bit back I saw a post about getting to blog about a new program from a cath company. The company was Hollister. You can check out there website here. I signed up thinking it would be perfect. We didn't have much direction with cathing and were desperate for a new system to use. Hollister has this great program called Secure Start and it's a personalize program that they offer for free. All you have to do is sign up! They have nurses on call and send you personalized info for your needs. They even have a national speaker network with things like webinars and events (which we all know I love)! I was very excited to check out everything they had to offer. I signed up and once I did I was able to access all these info brochures and check out all the different types of supplies! They even have a downloadable coloring book for kids to help them understand cathing! Which I'm sure is a great tool when potty training time comes! I'll definitely be taking advantage of this! It also had resources and links available to us! I signed up for the Abilities Expo in Boston in Sept! It's even free!! I can't wait! I didn't even know about it before!

I sent off my script for catheters and spoke with very friendly and helpful representative from Hollister's program. He explained in detail the types of catheters they have and we discussed what might work best for us. I choose to try the Advance plus one since we were looking for something with less waste and more importantly something less intimidating for others to learn. Right now we have a system where you attach a bag to the catheter and have to apply the lube. It comes in a package with a ton of other medical crap like gloves and iodine. None of which we use and it seems to just make things complicated and intimidating for new family and friends that may be interested in cathing. Our hope is the new system will be so easy others may be more inclined to try. The more people we can teach the better for little Eddie. As of now only two other people cath, my mother and my 18 year old cousin. Makes for limited sitters!

I can't wait to check out the new stuff! Best part is for a impatient person like myself they send out 25 samples for me to try and they'll get here in 2-3 days. Even better if we like them the supply company we use will deliver them! Which is great because we love the customer service our supply company provides!

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