Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 days old!

So once again I'm still a bit drugged up so sorry if this post is a bit unstructured.  We had a long night with me going down to nicu every 3 hours to try and feed. This morning the occupational therapist saw baby Eddie and evaluated him especially his legs/feet. I wasn't there but I will be meeting with her at some point during his stay to learn some exercises and stretches I can do with his feet/legs to help them straighten out. No matter what he'll need to see shriners after he's discharged from here. I will say he seems to be trying to stretch them a bit but not much.
His head circumference hasn't changed and is still 34.5 which is normal. This is great since one of the first signs of hydro is head circumference change. He will have another head ultrasound tomorrow morning to evaluate whether or not his ventricles have changed since Wednesday morning.  We'll have a better idea of when we can go home once we know that.

As of last night he no longer needs antibiotics or pain meds. I've been breastfeeding him all day trying to help get him off the IV. Unfortunately my milk still hasn't come in (which despite my major hormonal meltdown still wont even if you lose your shit in front of strangers... story later in this post) so even though I keep putting him to breast to help get things moving he's also getting some formula through a bottle. He is hydrating so well that this afternoon they were finally able to remove his IV. Yay! He seems so much more comfortable now. We're hoping now that all the major stuff is out of the way he can soon move to the graduated nursery in the nicu with the babies that are a bit healthier. 

So back to the meltdown.... I somehow forgot about that wonderful post-partum symptom of loosing your mind! So when it snuck up on me today lets just say I was not prepared.  I started weeping uncontrollably and I think I freaked Eddie out and next thing I know the nurse was in the room trying to calm me with ice water and Popsicles.  Then next thing I knew the lactation consultant (whom I've been waiting for since Tuesday) came in to help with my crazy. Once she left I had almost composed myself when the social worker came in to discuss all of baby Eddie's SSI info. I lost it again for no reason at all which at this point was now just funny.  Ugh needless to say I'm hoping I can do a better job controlling my hormones tomorrow than I did today or they might keep me here on the mental health floor.

Again I want to thank everyone for the unbelievable amount of support we had from so many friends and family and even strangers. Thank you everyone, you all somehow shape a piece of us and have helped make us and continue to make us who we are as parents! We love you all and lets keep our fingers crossed for more great news tomorrow!

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