Monday, February 6, 2012

Appointment Day... THE LAST ONE! :(

So today was our last ultrasound/appointment before the big day! I couldn't decide whether I was excited, scared or sad. It's so exciting to think that in about a week our little guy will be here, so scary to think how crazy our lives are about to get, and so sad that this amazing support group of people we have seen every week for months won't be there. I absolutely love my midwives in Northampton and can't imagine going anywhere else, they have called to check on me every 2 weeks or so since we got transferred to Baystate MFM. Although, the doctors and staff at MFM have been so amazing and they are the most supportive and caring staff. We have been so lucky. Today's ultrasound went great, he was so cute, he's so big now his face just presses up against the ultrasound. He was so close today we got a picture of his eyelashes. Which are super long just like Eddie and Bella's of course! It's wicked neat to see the whole process through ultrasounds. We've had them every week for months we have our own photo flip book! We didn't get a measurement on the ventricles today (our tech is kinda flighty and she forgot) but to be honest there isn't much at this point it's going to tell us and it was nice to have a regular ultrasound for once. He was moving around like crazy he was a maniac! Sometimes I think he may just punch his way out! He has very strong elbows!

After our appointment Eddie and I got to go grab a bite to eat before we picked up Bella from school. I'm gonna miss that time where's it's just the two of us in the am. After we picked up Bella we headed to mom's for our maternity photos. A friend of mine Ian took them for us and I've only seen a few so far but they came out awesome! Thank god he's so good because being 38 weeks pregnant "pretty" isn't exactly the word I've been feeling lately. He did a great job! I've posted a couple of pics at the bottom of today's post and I strongly recommend you check out his site especially if your looking for a photographer or on FB Nemesis Photo on FB

Thanks to my busy day I didn't really get a chance to stay off my feet so lucky me I've been graced with those fun contractions tonight. Let me say they have been getting much more painful lately and that does not make me happy. So Eddie and Bella took a trip to his parents to work on his car and I stayed home to rest.  So I'm going to go back to doing that (after I make myself a tasty milkshake, I gotta get them all in before there's no excuse to drink them everyday anymore) and cuddle with my babies when they get home!

Have a great night everyone!


  1. You look absolutely beautiful! Holding good thoughts and keeping all of you in our prayers. Tell Lisa to keep us posted on facebook!

    Ann Miville

  2. Thank you Ann, we'll keep everyone posted!