Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 4

Today was a reminder that we have been so lucky so far. Eddie has been doing so well and sometimes even though we're in the NICU we forget what the NICU is really there for. Last night Eddie got a little neighbor. A cutie in the warmer next door. The nurse and I both even commented on how big and healthy that baby looked. Today we got our reminder.  When I went down this morning to feed Eddie they were having a bit of a crisis with the other baby. Tons of people in scrubs looking all sterile and hovering over him shouting orders. Something must have happened they were traching him and xrays and a bunch more.  Everytime I went down to feed Eddie they were still working on the little guy. Around 3 I overheard them speaking with his parents explaining the big downturn he took and that they will send him off to Boston tonight.  Walking back to my room I kept crying thinking how lucky we've been with our little guy so far. All of our walking around feeling like we were in the clear this little guy was fighting to live. How easily our lives could have been different.  I certainly hugged Eddie a little tighter the next time I saw him. 

As far as updates, good news is the head ultrasound show no hydrocyphelus and they also did an MRI that showed the same. This is great news meaning as of now no shunts are necessary.  Bad news is since he's doing so well they want to keep him here for a bit longer for observations.  They will do another head ultrasound on Monday and Wednesday and will hopefully go home on Friday.  The neurosurgeon did talk about his legs they are a bit crooked and one foot is clubbed and the other is (something I can't remember) but basically his foot like hyperextends upwards.  Looks like its flexing all the way and some.

Tonight while my big Eddie and I were having supper we got a call from the nurse saying good news is he has a strong pee stream. This means he has good bladder function.  He peed a huge stream all over the nurses. That a boy! His back is also a bit more healed so he can lay on his back a bit more which makes cuddle time so muxh easier! I even learned how to change his diaper while caring for his wound. Not easy btw! Headed down to feed again! Ill kiss him for you guys!

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