Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One day old!

So yesterday I wrote my blog update while pretty drugged up. So I'm not quite sure how much info I got across.  I'm still pretty drugged up since my lovely fibromylgia is NOT helping my pain recovery.  I have a lot of info about little Eddie so I'm gonna try to get it all in before I pass out.

This morning we met with Dr Shapiro our neuro and he ordered a head ultrasound everyday to keep an eye on the ventricles in his brain. Told me I could hold him and even try to nurse! YAY! So of course that's exactly what I did, and what do you know he was a breeze to nurse compared to the horrid time I had with Bella. His scar and incision site look great.

As the day went on we received one good news after another. At lunch in the cafe Eddie and my parents ran into Dr Shapiro who said after looking at the head ultrasound it looks as though the ventricles are close to or at a normal level since surgery!  This means if it stays that way through Friday then we're looking at a possibility of no shunt in his brain. If this happens they will want baby Eddie to stay a bit longer in the nicu for observation. We also found out tonight that bady Eddie is pushing his stool which means the muscles that weren't supposed to work are working and he has control over his bladder/bowel function at this point which is great!

So all of this is amazing and we are so excited! We understand that at any point things can change but this is a great start.

One drag is that he does have a clubbed foot which looks like it is affecting his leg. This is common in SB children and his doesn't look too bad. He will need to have that foot/leg casted and will need PT but this will happen once these other things are situated and we will go to Shriners here in Springfield.  Probably after he's sent home. We'll also go to SB clinic at Shriners here within the month.

The staff here has been amazing and so helpful. I'm working on feeding him every 3 hrs to help wean him off of the IV. He is off pain meds and antibiotics so the only thing left is the IV. 

My eyes are heavy and I'm going to have to catch a few zzzzzzz's before I need to head back to nicu for another feeding.  So signing off and saying goodnight!


  1. All of LHS Class of 1976 are pulling for little Eddie. We're all glad everything is very positive, but we won't stop praying for him! Good luck, little Eddie, and have your Mommy keep us posted!

  2. Wow Kristin this is the most exciting news anyone and everyone could hear. Just the fact that he's pooping - Oh my goodness the things we take for granted...and I'm sitting here in my home 1500 miles away excited that he's pooping!! Well I talked to YOUR grandma and grandpa yesterday and I was able to print some of your pics from my outdated printer and they came out pretty good...Brittany took them to the post office last night so they should get them today or tomorrow:))) I cried when I heard her voice...tears of joy!! May all of you get plenty of rest!!