Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting comfy at home... :/

So another appointment yesterday. Relatively boring :). Again our c-section date has been changed to Feb 14th again. It sounds like this is a definite date as long as baby Eddie stays puts! So Feb 14th around 11:30 our little guy will be here.  They will take him into surgery a couple of hours later as soon as I'm out of recovery and am able to go see him and after the doctors have evaluated him.  It sounds like it's about a 6 hour surgery which I would assume will be the hardest part. Maybe not for me since I'll probably be pretty drugged up and out of it but for Eddie I'm sure all that waiting will be tough. 

Our ultrasound yesterday went well baby Eddie scored an 8/8 again!! YAY! We even got to watch him kick his legs and feet around a ton. It really helped reassure us even though we know that it really doesn't mean anything in utero. From what we've been told leg movement can happen in utero but maybe not after the surgery. That's ok, I've been with this little guy for 8 months and trust me he''ll be kicking like a soccer star! My bruised ribs and kidneys can attest to that!  His ventricles were at 2.0 and 2.2, last week they were at 1.8 and 2.2 so she said that they're probably the same last week she had trouble measuring good and since it's just a matter of a slight hand movement from the tech this sounds great! I will be ecstatic if they stay around 2.0 until he gets here but again nothing is certain until after the surgery.  They can decrease when the closure is done or they can increase even days after.  Either way shunts won't be put in until a couple of days after he's born to give time for his body to respond.  So again, a ton of info with no real answers. That's ok though if little things like legs kicking or ventricles unchanged lets us leave an appointment smiling instead of crying I'm ok with that!

We discussed my fun trip to the Emergency Labor and Delivery Friday night and my ob checked my cervix again (which is a hysterical story within itself but not appropriate for a blog) and I was about 1.5-2 cm dilated.  She said that it looks to her like I may be dilated on the outside but not the inside. Which is a great sign. My cervix is also wicked high still (which is kind of funny seeing how I'm carrying so much lower than I did with Bella).  Unfortunately I'm still having contractions and pretty frequently during the day and very painful sometimes so she decided to put me on bed rest. Bed rest! Doesn't she know I have a baby to get ready for and a 4 year old to take care of?  I then told her she was crazy and laughed. This didn't go over well and I was scolded and told it was bed rest for me except for the baby shower on Sunday. :( So back to my favorite task, list making and stressing that things aren't going to get done. Don't get me wrong I have an awesome husband to help out but he does work 2 jobs and is exhausted when he gets home.  I feel bad asking him to take on all the household crap too.  He's been so good he just said, "Give me a list of what needs to get done before the baby gets here and we'll figure it out!" What a good hubby! I was a little annoyed this am when Bella popped up to get ready for school with him like it was the easiest thing and everyday I get her up to go with me it's a fight to the death. Oh well at least it was a whine free am (well sort of).  Best part of this bed rest thing is I'm going to get a ton of work done for my job and really get to catch up on all my crappy reality TV and soaps. Can't complain about that!

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