Monday, January 9, 2012

Love those boring appointments!!!!

So not too much to report today but I thought I'd update about our appointment today.  Little Eddie looked adorable as usual in his ultrasound today!  His ventricles haven't changed at all his numbers were 2.0 and 2.1 so either one shrunk or it was a difference of where the tech put the cursor on the screen.  wither way good news.  We also got to see his little toes move on the ultrasound which is a great sign of movement in his lower extremities.  I could have told the doctors that though seeing that I have about 4 bruised ribs that can attest to his leg/foot strength and movement.  Still on "bed rest" but I call it "taking it easy" it helps me justify doing a bit around the house.  We have finally confirmed the date and time for the c-section..... drum roll please....... Feb. 14 at 7:30am! The babies surgery will follow an hour later. So I was very clear NO DOPE ME UP MEDS until after I see my little guy go off to surgery. I don't care how bad the pain is I will see him before he goes in!

We had our "sprinkle" this weekend, it was the perfect shower for me. No goofy games, lots of food (desserts... sorry Hannah for the sprite explosion lol) and lots of great family and friends.  We got so much great stuff and I've already gotten it all washed and put away.  So I think with the exception of a few things we're ready for this little guy! 

Thursday we meet with the plastic surgeon who will be doing the final closure.  Our neurosurgeon will do all the muscle/nerve etc and the plastic surgeon will finish it all off nice and pretty.  So hopefully he'll have a barely noticeable scar as he grows. 

So that's about it, another nice and boring appointment. Which also only lasted about an hour, amazing seeing the last 2 took about 3! Hopefully the rest of them go as quick and smooth since they will all be on Mondays at 8 from now on. 

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