Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hospital Visits, Sick kids and Bedrest... OH MY!!

Well this has shaped up to be quite a busy week!  Poor Eddie spent last week sick from an ulcer and made his own special trip to the hospital.  I felt so bad my "bed-resting" self stayed here waiting and texting every 5 min trying to find out how everything was going.  Thursday night we spent some more time at the hospital thanks to my fun-filled contractions.  Luckily this time no dilation.  Down side is that there isn't much they can do. I just have to suck up the contractions and take it easy. Easy for them to say.. they should try being in labor for months! NOT FUN. Every time we have to make a fun trip to the WETU (the maternity ER) I find myself telling Eddie this is the LAST time I get pregnant! I had early labor with Bella too and went in 3 times to have contractions stopped and was on bed-rest also. So as we walked out of the WETU Thursday night we joked we'd probably see the nurses one more time since with us 3rd times a charm!

Also on Thursday Bella woke up with a fever and horrible cough that made her vomit! I felt so bad for her she couldn't say a word without coughing, which you'd think would be nice since she talks so much but on the contrary! Between the coughing fits and me cleaning vomit up she somehow managed to Mommy this and Mommy that me all day! BTW docs, doesn't make for an easy bed-rest. Let's just say it's been quiet a tiring week. Poor kiddo is still pretty sick with a fever and nasty cough/congestion.  I'm one of those lucky moms whose kids get a 103 degree fever for 5-6 days for even the smallest cold.  It's a chore in itself balancing Motrin and Tylenol all day trying to keep it away! I curse the cold medicine gods that couldn't just put a safe cough/congestion med on the market! 

So while watching the laundry pile up (and wearing Eddie's clothes since the 2 pairs of pants I own are no longer clean and my shirts don't fit anymore. Yes even the maternity ones!) Dishes reaching the sky I've decided to try to find a way today to balance it all.  I figure do a little, rest a little, do a little and rest a little.... We'll see how that goes!

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