Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy crazy busy New Year!

What a weekend this started out as. So Friday morning I woke up with killer contractions that lasted all day. By Friday evening they were strong and 4-5 min apart. Ironically Eddie was at work at the restaurant and waiting on my doctor.  He advised we go into the emergency labor and delivery.  We headed in about 10:30. After being hooked up to monitors I was having them about 4 min apart. They checked my cervix and I was 1-1.5 cm dilated. Then they gave me a shot of Terbutaline to stop the contractions. This this helped calm them but didn't stop them. After that Med wore off they came back strong again. Around 1:00 they decided to give me a different med Ketorolac.  Around 1:30 I had fallen asleep for a bit. At 3 the nurse came in to discharge me even though I had had contractions the whole time they were much more mild and 6 min apart. Lucky me at this point they suddenly got much stronger and painful. They checked my cervix again and I was still the same thank God! Seeing as we live 2 seconds away they sent us home with a happy dose of Ambian.
So I see my doctor again on Tue and as of now it sounds like if I have dilated anymore they will give me a steroid treatment to strengthen the babies lungs and figure out a c-section date ASAP. I also received my official paperwork for a date for my section as long as things clam down. We were hoping for Feb 14 but it looks like Feb 15.
So needless to say this New Year started out pretty busy and uncomfortable.  Let's hope that's not a sign of the year to come. I'll keep everyone updated on what's going on as soon as I hear. Hope you all had an awesome New Years!

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